The correct way to choose the right software development partner

Currently, there are thousands of outsourcing companies for custom software development services, therefore there is no shortage of opportunity. The IT world market is full of competitors delivering these services at the most affordable prices. This means for you as a user, there are ample opportunities and choices as per the specific needs of your company and a bucket full of potential partners to choose who could help your business out, and choosing the right partner isn’t a piece of cake.

The right software development partner cannot be defined through an exact recipe, because it depends on the specified requirements of each situation, but going through the process of finding a good solution provider is a lot easier when you follow mandatory guidelines. It’s a lengthy process with high risks factor and a lot of research to be done.

Let’s take it to step by step.

Step 1: Define your goals. Be specific.

Specifying your goal makes your task of selecting a partner lot easier going forward.

Step 2: Do the research

While researching, you can even research on platforms like Clutch. Every service company creates its own profile, but the client testimonials are done independently by the Clutch itself. The review process is 100% reliable, so you can get an excellent idea of how your target company works. It can also show the company’s experience in different industries or services.

Step 3: Make a shortlist of promising companies

The shortlist should be crisp & short, with around 5–7 companies.

Step 4 — Assess the company’s experience

Also, a major factor to keep in mind is that if there is a product mindset in the company, whether or not they have passionate business analysts and product managers to understand, define and shape your product.

Having relevant certifications in their respective technologies can also help you out and how many ongoing business relationships they currently have, and for how long.

Step 5 — Maintaining the balance: Cultural compatibility & Communication skills

The work ethics will be defined by the outsourced company involved, their background and culture will impact your project as well. You must choose a partner who is culturally and background wise compatible for you and your team.

Step 6 — Balance out the time zones

Step 7 — The real talk — price tags!

A company should partner with a combo of the right talent & price. Good software development services can never be cheap! Anything under $25 for a mid-sized partner is a cheap deal in which one must not dwell!

Step 8 — Duration of relationship

If they offshore, how much experience do they have of handling operations in different time zones? How strong are their work ethics, so as to deliver the project on time?

One must consider all aspects while choosing an outsourcing partner as it may have negative consequences to choose a partner whose ethics don’t match yours.

Step 9 — Interviewing process

Step 10 — Take baby steps

Once your management is at ease with the project, you can start increasing the team size and go all-in with the project!

Finding the right software development partner isn’t easy, be it for a single project or a long term relationship. It is important for your partner to have the correct tech stack knowledge, experience in relevant projects to work and the right company size to be able to handle your business projects with ease and required competitiveness. It is a lengthy process but once you engage with the right partner, it can lead to a long-lasting collaboration.

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