How to Develop an Online Pharmaceutical App?

How to Develop an Online Pharmaceutical App?

Is the rise in the e-commerce business overwhelming you in a manner that cannot wait to give it a try?

Do you have an existing offline pharmaceutical store?

Have you given thoughts to take your business online but never knew how to do that?

If your answer to any or all of the questions above is ‘yes’ then this blog can help you align your business plan in no time.

Opening an online pharmacy is the most under-explored area of an e-commerce business, hence is a great business idea, even today. With online selling becoming the centre of all business activities, E-pharmacies HAVE to be a part of the race.

So if you wish to take your current pharmacy store business online or start one from scratch, this write-up will help you track a step by step process to do so.

So, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Plan your idea:

STEP 2: Sort the legal formalities:

STEP 3: Open bank accounts and set your accounting:

STEP 4: Apply for permits and licenses:

STEP 5: Plan for Marketing:

How to build an Online Pharmaceutical App?

This process has three main things to consider:

  1. Features of your app
  2. Costs involved
  3. App development


  1. The customer
  2. The admin
  3. The delivery agent
  4. The pharmacist


The features that a medical app should have for your end customers include:

a) A personalized user account for every user

b) A catalogue of medicines available detailed drug information

c) Categorize medicines and drugs as per safe uses.

d) Upload Prescription for on account

e) Search bar to search for medicines

f) Auto Similar Drug suggestions

g) Reminder/ repeat purchase options to be made available

h) Order Tracking

i) Payments & Special Offers

j) Push Notifications

k) Feedback and consultations

l) Live Locations through GPS


a) Control Centre

b) Inventory Management

c) Order Management

d) Customer Management

e) Logistics Integration

f) Content Management system


a) Login details and profile creation

b) Delivery Information/Status along with living GPS tracking


a) Medicine tracker

b) Prescription view checking panel

c) Order tracker

d) Payments panel

e) Prices and discounts management

f) Comments and reviews tracker


1. A number of dashboards created and the time taken to create an individual dashboard:

2. Hourly rate:

3. Number of platforms:


The process of making a pharmaceutical app is very similar to any other application development in which you will require a good software development company’s services.

The steps include:

Step1: Defining the Idea

Step 2: Requirement Gathering

Step 3: Prototyping and validation

Step 4: App development:

Step 5: Testing

Step 6: RELEASE…


Your online pharmaceutical app is ready!!!

The trend for on-demand apps is increasing rapidly. Customers are becoming conscious of their choices available online and wish to buy everything from the comfort of their homes be it groceries, fashion clothing, gadgets, or medicines. Hence, medicinal apps are sure to boom in the market in the next few years to come.

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