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Smart Home Automation APPs

There are some really amazing solutions available to give your home a high-tech makeover as smart home technology becomes more inexpensive and easier to use.

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes for a variety of reasons. Consumers are using its various features and abilities to secure their homes, property, and loved ones, whether it’s just one device or a whole network. Innovations like these, when coupled up with custom mobile app development, offer the best customer experience.

As per Statista, in 2025, the global market for Smart Homes is estimated to reach 4782 million units.

We will…

How do you shop? How do you make appointments for your specific needs? There are so many questions to ask and there is only one answer to it. Apps!

Mobile apps are the faces of today’s digital technologies. If someone wants to promote their business and intends to connect with a wider audience, then mobile applications are helpful friends.

Apps are efficient ways to bolster your sales because interacting with your customers through an application is easier. In their everyday lives, everyone- including you- uses 100s of applications. …

Source: Apptread Blog

Digital transformation is catching on rapidly. Many companies are ready to adopt digital technologies or modernize their business models. But do you know a few successful companies have a back story of numerous failures?

So, what did they learn from their failures?

Digital transformation is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. To prepare yourself for the disruption or accept the new change, you need to know various challenges or pain points, which makes the digital transformation success story of those few companies.

Teams must be willing to learn from their mistakes if a digital transformation endeavor does not…

Before the introduction of DevOps in the IT sector, all the tasks were carried out manually, which often created errors on different levels of the Software development life cycle. This caused a lot of chaos between and among engineering and other functional teams.

Even today, most of the companies which are not aware or reluctant to accept the DevOps culture are using the traditional SDLC processes, and of course, are facing ample issues. …


Have you seen that KFC burger that comes as a perfect combination of layers of steaks, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, veggies and chicken piled on top of one another?

A perfectly functional website requires a similar set of tools used in a set sequence, one after another clubbed into a pack commonly referred to as a Tech Stack.

Your most popular applications like Uber, Swiggy, Facebook and Instagram are all examples of companies that have used the best tech stacks in the world and became market leaders in their domains.

Tech stacks are the flesh and bones of a website that…

All About Cloud-Native Applications

How to Define Cloud-Native?

Cloud-native is a system designed to change the way you think about application building.

These systems are designed in a manner to embrace rapid changes in technologies, large scale development, and resilience.

With datasets exploding & consumers wanting more every single day, the businesses are looking out for scalable options helping them in satisfying both demands in the most economic way. The solution is with cloud-native apps, starting from the ground level you leverage microservices, containers, orchestration, and automation.

Heard the crowd say ‘cloud’ out loud? Think Cloud-Native!

Cloud-native applications are developed for the cloud to take fair advantage of…


Let's start with what is a CMS all about…

So, a set of related programs or applications which can be used to create and manage digital content for an enterprise is called a Content Management System or CMS.

Now there are various derivatives to CMS like

· WCMS (Web Content Management System)

· ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

· DAM (Digital Content Management)

· Headless & Decoupled Headless CMS

All these platforms have emerged over the years to give a better technical assistance to its users. These platforms allow its users to create, edit, archive, collaborate, report, publish and distribute content…

The correct way to choose the right software development partner

Currently, there are thousands of outsourcing companies for custom software development services, therefore there is no shortage of opportunity. The IT world market is full of competitors delivering these services at the most affordable prices. This means for you as a user, there are ample opportunities and choices as per the specific needs of your company and a bucket full of potential partners to choose who could help your business out, and choosing the right partner isn’t a piece of cake.

The right software development partner cannot be defined through an exact recipe, because it depends on the specified requirements…

Why should you maintain your website?

Whenever you buy a high-end product you make sure you keep its shine and performance as long as you can. You invest in its maintenance from time to time make sure it's handled with care. Similarly, any website for a business is treasure valuable enough for the company to guard it well. Websites need maintenance to be able to function accurately without any glitches to ensure a friendly user experience to your customers. It involves a lot more effort as it's not just limited to fixing the occasional broken link or updating an outdated plugin.

Trying to maintain your website…

How to cut out the loose ends & build a successful healthcare startup?

2020 has been a transformational year for a lot of small and large scale businesses. Though a lot of companies ended up in complete bankruptcy, many others have boomed with the wave of this pandemic. Healthcare and Medical industry is one such example. The world economy has been going done due to this worldwide lockdown, including the restrictions on international & domestic travel. Everyone is looking up to the healthcare sector to come up with solutions to curb the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Many entrepreneurs have set foot in the digital healthcare space because they saw an opportunity…


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