Businesses used to rely on a plethora of file systems and spreadsheets to conduct their operations, whether they were linked to the core business or administrative chores when there was no digitalization. These systems and worksheets were, of course, difficult to manage and even prone to human mistakes. …

Smart Home Automation APPs

There are some really amazing solutions available to give your home a high-tech makeover as smart home technology becomes more inexpensive and easier to use.

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes for a variety of reasons. Consumers are using its various features and abilities to secure their…

Source: Apptread Blog

Digital transformation is catching on rapidly. Many companies are ready to adopt digital technologies or modernize their business models. But do you know a few successful companies have a back story of numerous failures?

So, what did they learn from their failures?

Digital transformation is something that is not everyone’s…

Before the introduction of DevOps in the IT sector, all the tasks were carried out manually, which often created errors on different levels of the Software development life cycle. This caused a lot of chaos between and among engineering and other functional teams.

Even today, most of the companies which…


Have you seen that KFC burger that comes as a perfect combination of layers of steaks, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, veggies and chicken piled on top of one another?

A perfectly functional website requires a similar set of tools used in a set sequence, one after another clubbed into a pack…

All About Cloud-Native Applications

How to Define Cloud-Native?

Cloud-native is a system designed to change the way you think about application building.

These systems are designed in a manner to embrace rapid changes in technologies, large scale development, and resilience.

With datasets exploding & consumers wanting more every single day, the businesses are looking out for scalable options…


A custom software development company that helps in re-imagining innovation & re-inventing business operations through utmost design and technology.

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